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We really hope that you are enjoying our Trailblazer Series. These digital workshops have been Supported by the Royal Philharmonic Society's Enterprise Fund in association with Harriet's Trust & we want to send them a huge thank you!


When we first set out to create this series, we really wanted to share our love of music & percussion in a way that is accessible, exciting & musically challenging. The series starts with an introduction to body percussion & beginner Drumline, moving through to full Drumline play alongs & stick tricks & finally the Subdivision Workout trio, a brainteaser for even the most proficient musician.


One of the best things for us is that although we've made these videos to share and teach new techniques, we've also learnt a lot ourselves in the process, with all of the filming, studio set up and production being done by ourselves at PercWorks. We hope that you enjoy using them as much as we did making them and please share them with your friends, fellow musicians & teachers. A huge thanks again to the Royal Philharmonic Society & Harriet's Trust, get out there and blaze a trail! 


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